Voting Information

Voting for the 2022 Board of Directors Election is now Closed.

2022 Board of Directors Voting Information

Who can vote?

All Valley Natural Foods Member-Owners are eligible to vote (one vote per household membership)

How to Vote:

Voting is available electronically or by paper ballot, August 24–September 12. Only one ballot (electronic or paper) may be cast per household membership in order to be valid. Subsequent or multiple voting on additional ballot types will not be counted.

Paper Ballots: Paper ballots are only available for Member-Owners who are not voting electronically (visit customer service for a paper ballot) A ballot box is provided in a designated voting area.

Electronic Ballots: Member-Owners were emailed a link for electronic voting. If you did not receive a myDirectVote® email, please fill out the voting information form below.

Voting Guidelines and Candidate Statements:

View the 2022 Election Guide and candidate statements HERE>>>

Voting Information Form

Fill this form out if you did not receive an email from myDirectVote® on August 24 and you will be added to vote online.
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