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Join us on Thursday, September 13 for our second Community Dinner at the co-op! We will be serving a $3 Smoked Polish Sausage Dinner and fixings, served with salad and chips, from 5 – 7 p.m. A vegan option will be available. Enjoy your meal at the co-op and enter our drawing for a chance to win prizes. There will be plenty of additional room outside, so feel free to bring your picnic blankets and lawn chairs! Join the discussion on our Facebook Event Page! (Must be logged in to Facebook to connect to link)

Use items already prepared from Valley Natural Foods to make easy and flavorful dishes. GORGONZOLA CHEESE BALL Use as a topping on baked potatoes Crumble on a salad Stuff chicken breasts or mushroom caps MEGA OMEGA SALMON SALAD Make hors d’oeuvres by using Belgian endive leaves or cucumber rounds as a base - then garnish with a sprig of fresh dill Create mini sandwiches using cocktail rye with butter and garnished with a sprig of parsley Create a Mega Omega Pasta Salad - view recipe HERE Use leftover mashed potatoes to make Mega Omega Salmon Cakes - view recipe HERE SANTA FE BLACK BEAN SALAD Use our Santa Fe Black Bean salad to make quesadillas - view recipe HERE - or purchase our ready-made quesadillas Fresh salsa from our produce department and sour cream are great accompaniments to this customer favorite SPINACH AND ARTICHOKE

On Saturday, December 16, and Sunday, December 17, 2017 we will be offering a FREE evanhealy gift to the first 20 customers with a purchase of $50 or more in evanhealy products!* Come visit the kiosk on Saturday, December 16 from 11am-2pm to talk to an evanhealy skincare expert who can help you pick the right products for your skin-type.                                                                                                  Beauty Based on Experience Evan Healy is a holistic aesthetician who started her career in the natural personal care industry in 1984. With her extensive background in aromatherapy, homeopathy and Ayurveda, she started evanhealy

Gray Duck Chai Teas Gray Duck Chai started in 2011 when Katey Nieber couldn’t find a chai tea in Minneapolis that matched the superior quality and flavor of one she had tasted in Seattle. With a background from the Culinary Institute of America she started concocting her own custom chai blends. She partnered with Jon Alden, a fellow chai enthusiast and the rest is history. All of their chai teas are made from 100% organic ingredients, containing just the right balance of robust freshly ground spices, black tea sourced from the Assam region of India and then lightly sweetened. We now carry the following varieties: Burnt Sugar and Ginger Rooibos and Minnesota Honey Nine Spice Blend These locally produced chai teas can be found in Aisle 5 near the boxed teas and instant coffee. Fig Food Company Organic Soups Introducing 100% plant-based organic soups from

Join us on Wednesday, November 15 for a MegaFood pop-up event, from 10 AM - 6 PM at our demo kiosk! Save 40% on all MegaFood products, November 15-30, 2017* Since 1973 MegaFood has been producing supplements with one goal in mind “to improve people’s lives by delivering the most authentic nourishment possible.”  They have upheld this goal through quality assurance testing to ensure all their products meet purity specifications and through various certifications. MegaFood’s supplements currently have the following certifications: Non-GMO Gluten Free Dairy Free Soy Free Kosher Vegan (some not all) Vegetarian Their supplements come from real food sources which go through a series of grinding, drying, tumbling and pressing to ensure that the nutrients and potency stay intact. The entire process takes about 236 hours and that’s before their quality assurance testing begins. We carry a variety of their supplements including men’s and

Halloween is right around the corner! Whether you’re hosting a Halloween Party or if you just want to have some fun with the family, these treats will surely get you into the spirit! Tricks to Make Your Own Treats Making your own scary treats can be half of the fun. You and your guests will enjoy eating them as much as you enjoyed making them. Fruit Monsters To make fruit monsters, cut an apple into 4 wedges. Next, on the side of the apple that still has skin on it, use a knife to cut out an indent for the mouth. Be careful not to cut all the way through because then you would have to start over.  Now you have your canvas for a scary face. Use things like slivered almonds, marshmallows, sunflower seeds or pepitas for teeth. You can get the teeth to

Que Pasa Tortilla Chips Since 1983 Que Pasa has been making foods from scratch using authentic Mexican traditions. It starts with organic and Non-GMO corn that has been grown in the American Southwest which is then cooked to keep all their nutrients like fiber and bran intake. Their corn kernels are then stone ground between hand-cut volcanic millstones which are then cooked into a masa to make tortilla chips. We carry the following Que Pasa Tortilla Chips: Blue Corn Tortilla Chips White Corn Tortilla Chips Nacho Tortilla Chips Sweet & Spicy Ranch Tortilla Chips Their tortilla chips are organic, gluten-free, vegan and contain no GMOs. Also check out the side of their blue and white corn tortilla chip packages for fun and easy recipes. Like their Mango Pico de Gallo or their Smoky Chipotle Guacamole. For more information visit:  Honest Sports Drink From the makers of

New gluten-free pastas are available in our grocery department. Banza Chickpea Pastas In 2013 Brian Rudolph began experimenting in his small apartment to create pasta made primarily from chickpeas. His obsession turned into the start of the Banza brand. Since then Banza has harnessed the power of chickpeas to create pastas that are higher in fiber and protein than traditional noodles, and without all the carbs. We now carry the following chickpea pastas: White Cheddar Mac and Cheese Classic Cheddar Mac and Cheese Shells and Cheese Deluxe Rich and Creamy Cheddar Elbows Penne Banza Chickpea Pastas are also certified non-GMO, gluten-free and kid friendly! Explore Cuisine While exploring in China, Joe Spronz recognized the need for healthier pasta alternatives. The idea came to him while enjoying soybean noodles regularly on his trip. He returned to the states and started the Explore Cuisine brand. We now carry

Join us Wednesday, August 16 through Saturday, August 19, 2017 for a Cheese Party! Each day we will have different samplings and demonstrations at the kiosk. Try Local Cheese Favorites Sample Wisconsin-made cheese varieties including Pasture Pride “Juusto” Baked Cheese, Deer Creek Cheddar Cheeses and Widmer Aged Cheddar Cheeses. Try New Artisanal Alpine-Style Cheeses Made locally in Wisconsin, these Alpine-Style cheeses are crafted by innovative chefs and cheesemakers at Yellow Door Creamery. We will be bringing in their Abondance-inspired “Monteau” and Gruyere-inspired “Altu” Cheese varieties for the party. Experience an Aged Cheddar Cheese Progression The aging (or ripening) of cheese allows the flavor and texture to develop. Different types of cheeses have different factors to consider when ripening like temperature, humidity and handling processes. The quality and type of milk also plays a huge factor in the aging process.  Come experience and taste the difference between

Next Thursday, August 10 is National S’mores Day, and to celebrate we will be sampling s’mores at the kiosk from 11am – 1pm! A S’more is the perfect combination of a toasted marshmallow that is squished between two crispy graham crackers topped with chocolate squares. Who can resist these warm, gooey, and crunchy messes? S’mores Origin Although the origin is unknown, the first documented “some more” recipe can be found in the publication of “Tramping and Trailing with the Girl Scouts” from 1927. They were named “some more” because you could never really eat just one.  It wasn’t until 1971 where the name was shortened to S’more and the rest is history! Today, S’mores can be considered a seasonal staple during the warm summer months when campfires can be found in just about everyone’s backyard. Usually campfire conversation leads to discussing the perfect way