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Sunday, August 6th is National Root Beer Float Day, and what better way to celebrate than coming into Valley Natural Foods and visiting our demo kiosk from 11am - 1pm. We will be serving up refreshing samples of this summer favorite using Alden’s Ice Cream and Hansen’s Creamy Root Beer. Alden’s Organic Ice Cream is committed to making ice cream with no GMO’s, no artificial flavorings or colorings, no artificial growth hormones or antibiotics, no carrageenan and no high fructose corn syrup. Hansen’s Sodas are new to Valley Natural Foods and are free from artificial flavors, sodium and caffeine and are sweetened with real cane sugar and natural flavors. Hansen’s Creamy Root Beer is just that; creamy, delicious and refreshing! Origins of the Root Beer Float Ever wondered how the Root Beer Float came about? Well we did a little research and found

From Humble Beginnings In 1988 a group of Midwest family farmers from Coulee came together to save American family farms. These farmers were fed up with being told to “get big, or get out!” so they came together to form the Coulee Region Organic Produce Pool or the CROPP Cooperative. They started by selling organic vegetables and after 29 years in the industry have added organic dairy, soy and egg products. Today they are 1,800 family farms strong and continue to add organic egg, meat, soy, produce, and livestock feed producers.  They like to keep things honest and simple and that’s why all their products are all certified organic and non-GMO. Their dairy products contain no added hormones, antibiotics or toxic pesticides. Commitment to Farming Organic and Sustainability Organic Valley’s commitment goes beyond making sure all their products are organic, they helped write

Summer is the season for grilling. Why not make an impressive array of shish kabobs? It’s actually easier than you think; here are some tips to get you started. Start with a good marinade Salad dressings, marinade kits and teriyaki sauce work great for marinating vegetables and meat. Try experimenting with different sauce combinations for a truly unique flavor - like a 50/50 mixture of teriyaki sauce and Italian dressing with a little bit of chopped garlic. For food safety precautions, marinate your vegetables and meat separate. For best flavor, marinate animal protein for at least 8 hours before grilling – this will also help your protein from drying out. If you’re using tofu or plant based proteins, marinate for at least 2 hours before cooking, then continue to brush marinade over the plant-based protein every 10 minutes while grilling. Salad Girl Dressings are

On-tap kombucha is here and it’s a local favorite! We are now serving Bootlegger Brewing Organic Kombucha on-tap near our Juice Bar. On-tap kombucha is available to purchase in single-serve cups or Bootlegger Brewing 32 oz. growlers. For refills we are only accepting Bootlegger Brewing Growlers at this time. Flavors We will have 4 flavors on-tap including: Sturdy Girl Apple Cinnamon Lookout Lemon Berry Hearty Woodsman Ginger Seasonal flavor Pricing Single-serve cups can be purchased at the Juice Bar only and are available in the following sizes: 12 oz. cup for $2.99 16 oz. cup for $3.99 20 oz. cup for $4.99 New growlers and growler refills can be purchased at either the Juice Bar or with a cashier at checkout. Pricing is as follows: A filled 32 oz. Bootlegger Brewing Growler for $11.99* A 32 oz. refill of a Bootlegger Brewing Growler for $6.99* *To prevent

Making Summer Get-Togethers a Breeze! The highly anticipated season of summer gatherings is here! We’re here to help you throw a low-stress summer get-together. Whether you’re preparing all the food or just the main course here are some ideas to get you started: Make as much as you can ahead of time. Preparing a day in advance leaves the fun tasks like decorating and food presentation for the day of your party. Dips, desserts and cold salads can easily be prepared the day before, but leave the vegetable and fruit cutting until the day of. You can also marinate meat, vegetables or tofu for the grill the day before to give your dishes that extra flavor boost. Keep it Simple. Don’t feel like you have to make a seven course meal. It’s okay to supplement your main course with already prepared side dishes. Our deli offers

Some new products have arrived just in time for Cinco de Mayo! Siete Grain Free Tortillas and Tortilla Chips. Siete Family Foods started when Veronica Garza was diagnosed with multiple autoimmune conditions. She needed to make a change and her family of seven was up to the challenge to adopt a grain-free and anti-inflammatory diet with her. They learned about what foods may be harmful or beneficial to their diet and started experimenting with some of their favorite foods that have grain in them. As a Mexican-American family, tacos and fajitas were among some of their traditional family meals, so that’s where they started. Since then they’ve perfected their recipes for various grain free tortillas and tortilla chips and Seite Family Foods was born! (Did you know that siete means seven in Spanish) We now carry the following Siete products: Almond Flour Tortillas (find

Easter is quickly approaching and if you’re hosting brunch you may want to stop by our Deli Department. We have a variety of bakery and brunch items that can complete your Easter spread! Some of our popular bakery items include: Sour Cream Coffee Cake $4.99/cake Hot Cross Buns $6.99/pan Cinnamon Rolls $5.99/pan* Reg. $7.99/pan Easter Cakes $14.99 Our Deli Easter Cakes are so cute, you'll want to order one before they hop away! Deli Easter Cakes are available in 1/8 sheet cakes or bunny size! All of our cakes are made from scratch and available in white almond or Mexican chocolate flavors (these flavors are also available vegan). They are then decorated with white or chocolate buttercream frosting and natural, plant-based colors for decorating. Be sure to pre-order your cake to ensure you get your first choice.  Stop by the deli counter or

It’s that time of year when it is time to start preparing for Easter and spring! Whether you celebrate or not, it can be fun to participate in spring traditions like dyeing eggs and hiding Easter baskets! Coloring Easter eggs can be a fun way to get the whole family involved. We have natural egg coloring kits available for purchase by Color Kitchen that contain no artificial ingredients and produce vibrant colored eggs from plant colors. They use cabbage to create a bluish-purple hue, radish for red/pink and annatto for orange/yellow colored eggs. Eggs can also be dyed naturally using a variety of herbs, spices, fruits and vegetables as “dyestuff”. Experimenting is half of the fun, and here are some suggestions for natural “dyestuff” to get you started: Purple cabbage will turn white eggs bluish-purple and brown eggs green Turmeric powder will

[caption id="attachment_28982" align="alignleft" width="174"] Wyat Switz Photography [/caption] An exciting event is coming to Valley Natural Foods! Brace yourself for a Bootlegger Kombucha Keg Party! You read that right; Bootlegger Brewing will be at our demo kiosk sampling their popular flavors of kombucha along with limited edition flavors. Bootlegger Brewing Organic Kombucha is locally produced in Apple Valley, Minnesota. They’re passionate about brewing organic kombucha made with simple ingredients that are locally sourced; like organic tea, evaporated cane juice and of course the mother SCOBY. What is a SCOBY you ask? SCOBY is a symbiotic colony of bacteria and yeast, but don’t be afraid of the bacteria because it’s actually good for you! The bacteria and yeast work together to ferment the sugars in the sweet tea to produce vitamins, enzymes, and probiotics which can help improve digestion along with other health benefits. Their kombuchas are

A smashing new treat has hit the shelves at Valley Natural Foods; Smash Mallows! Smash Mallows are snackable marshmallows made with organic cane sugar and simple, all-natural ingredients. They are then “whipped to perfection” and made into bite-size pieces. Each serving is only 80 calories and contains less than 1 gram of fat. We carry three of their flavors including: Cinnamon Churro, Strawberries & Cream, and Root Beer Float. Enjoy as is, or try using Smash Mallows in a variety of ways: Place on top of brownies for the last 5 minutes of baking and let them melt. Then using a lightly greased rubber scraper, spread the marshmallows evenly across the surface. Add to your cup of coffee or hot chocolate for new flavor combinations Use in place of regular marshmallows for crispy rice bars Visit their website for more recipe ideas: