Classes and Wellness Consultations


Take your first step toward a healthier lifestyle with our diverse platform of educational opportunities. Let Valley Natural Foods be your choice for learning about health, wellness, gardening and cooking. Wellness consultations are free for anyone in the community regardless of food co-op membership.


Our cooking classes are your educational resource for healthy meal planning. Learn how to use more fresh foods in your meals, cook gluten-free, add pizazz to your holiday dishes and get your kids involved in the process too. Our instructors will teach you the skills and techniques you need to feel more comfortable and confident in the kitchen.

Beginning in the spring and ending in the fall, Valley Natural Foods partners with the Master Gardeners of Dakota County to provide hands-on learning experiences in our Co-op Gardens. Interactive classes, part of the Master Gardeners’ “Plan, Plant and Grow” series, will utilize the gardens to demonstrate how to prepare your soil, choose plants and seeds, fertilize, trellis, compost, fight garden diseases, water, harvest and much more. Other informational sessions will include tutorials on gardening basics, square foot gardening, trees, herbs, harvesting, canning, freezing and drying foods.

Are you interested in teaching at Valley Natural Foods? Fill out an online class proposal form.

Wellness Consultations

Let our co-op’s wellness expert, Eileen Johnson, RN, CCN, get you started on your journey toward healthier lifestyle choices! Eileen offers free 30-minute one-on-one sessions on Monday and Wednesday evenings to discuss your goals for nutrition, exercise and stress management. She will guide you toward making healthier choices through tools, resources and her many years of experience and knowledge. Eileen has a passion for helping others live well and she looks forward to helping you.  Register at Customer Service.