Curb Spring Fever: Garden!

Curb your spring fever early by getting a jump start on your gardening with seed-starting!  We are just as excited as you are to get those plants growing! We are kicking off the season with our organic seed products and our organic potting soil. All of these offerings are available at the co-op starting today!

Also, if that gardening itch is still creating agony of wanting to be outdoors, just be sure to mark you calendars for the opening of our annual Garden Center on Thursday, May 5, weather permitting, of course. Look for future blogs on what’s new in the Garden Center for 2016 and much more.

Tracy Donovan, our Garden Center extraordonaire, has compiled some awesome resources and facts about our soil and seed offerings for you this year. Enjoy:

High Mowing Seeds – $1.99/package

Why would you choose Samish Spinach over Long Standing Bloomsdale? Ponder this question for a moment as we tell you about High Mowing Seeds of Wolcott, Vermont. This company does a great job providing lots of information on each seed variety.  Their website is loaded with well-written articles and instructional videos for starting seeds, planning your garden, and  getting organized for succession planting so you can enjoy a later summer/fall garden if you don’t pull it together for spring.   If you’ve always had trouble growing a certain type of vegetable, you might learn why and how to correct it with their ‘growing tips’ articles featuring different plant families.

Here’s a comprehensive article with links to a couple videos that are really helpful: High Mowing’s own seed starting advice

If you are still pondering that spinach question, no fear, High Mowing Seeds has the answer. Didn’t we tell you they know all? Well, if not all, they do know a lot at least: Organic Spinach Varieties

High Mowing Seeds also touts that February is the best time to start onion, leek and artichoke seeds: Complete Seed Starting Guide

Prairie Road Organics – $2.99/package

Prairie Road Organics, out of Fullerton, North Dakota, is our local seed package supplier, and  were awarded the 2014 Farmers of the Year at the MOSES (Midwest Organic and Sustainable Education Service) conference.  If these seeds can make it in North Dakota, they will make it here!  Valley Natural Foods started offering their seeds the first year Dan and Theresa made them available for sale, in 2014.  If you love buttercup squash, read their blog on Uncle David’s Dessert and then come down and find the seeds!

Comfort Community, LLC – $6.99/small bag of organic potting soil

You’ll also find bags of seed starting medium for sale.  Comfort Community LLC, a community of Amish families in Mora, MN, blends the ingredients and sells this medium that is approved for organic production.  It is an exceptionally high-quality product that gives your germinating seeds what they need to get off to a strong start.

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