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I’m not much of a gardener, but I think this year is my year to become one! To be honest, as a self-described non-gardener, I find the whole process of buying packs of seeds intimidating. I mean I almost feel obligated to use them all because I don’t want to waste them. I know I can save them, but my luck, I would accidently leave them in the garage over the winter and they would freeze! In addition, most times I just want to try a few seeds, just to see if I can get them to grow, without being committed to using the whole pack. I mean what if I realize the seeds I have just do not grow well in my garden and then I’m stuck with a whole pack of them?

DarkGreenZucchiniI guess this is the inexperienced, gardener-wannabe dilemma I find myself in. However, there is hope for people like me and it comes in the form of bulk seeds at Valley Natural Foods! This is a real nifty, convenient option for even the most experienced gardener who has his or her garden all planned out with the exact number of seeds to plant in certain areas. With bulk seeds, you can buy as few or as many as you’d like and they are really cheap too at only 10 cents a seed! Now that’s a real bargain and if you are like me, it takes the anxiety out of worrying whether you are going to waste those precious organic seeds or forget about them in the garage over the winter.

The co-op has jars of bulk High Mowing Organic Seeds available for purchase immediately when you enter the store Seedspicto the right on a display table in the produce department. High Mowing Organic Seeds, out of Wolcott, Vermont are of the highest quality, being they are 100% Certified Organic and Non-GMO Project verified. Unlike many seed companies out there, High Mowing still grows many of its nearly 1,000 seed varieties on it own 40-acre Vermont farm similar to how it started in 1996. Below you will find a listing of all the bulk seed varieties Valley Natural Foods is currently carrying (more will be added as the season continues), along with a link to specific growing information for that variety on High Mowing’s website.

plubulkseedsValley Natural Foods also makes it extremely easy to buy the bulk seeds that you want. All you have to do is choose the amount of seeds you want from a single jar and then place them into a plastic bag provided. Using the paper slip provided, write down the name of the seed variety you are purchasing and the quantity and place it in the bag. However, DO NOT MIX any of the seed varieties together in one bag. Also, you must fill out a separate slip for each seed variety purchased.

Yet as all gardeners know and I’m beginning to realize, an organic seed is only as good as the organicdirtsoil you put it in. Valley Natural Foods has you covered there too as we just got in Rainbow Gardens Germination Transplant Mix (supports getting seeds started; it is not potting soil), which is a high quality, rich black dirt made out of mature organicdirt_2compost, worm castings, spagnum peat, perlite, vermiculite, gypsum, limestone, paramagnetic rock, liquidfish, bloodmeal, kelp and biologicals. This soil is great for vegetable seed starting and for flowers. A 40 quart bag is $15.49 at the co-op.

If you are a beginner, click here for a link to High Mowing’s Organic Farming and Gardening Articles and Resources section of their website. Here you will find a wealth of information on seed starting and germination, garden planning, soils, seasonal planting tips, pest and disease articles and much more. Also, you can get expert planting advice right at the co-op with gardening classes starting in April, courtesy of the Master Gardeners of Dakota County. Click here to view and register for April’s gardening classes.

Remember too, that if you’d rather purchase packets of seeds (perhaps you are the gardening guru I aspire to be!), we do have a huge variety, far exceeding our bulk selection, of High Mowing Seeds ($1.99/packet) and Prairie Road ($2.99/packet) seeds available. Prairie Road seeds, from Fullerton, North Dakota, are also certified organic.highmowingseeds

These are the certified Organic High Mowing Bulk Seeds currently available at Valley Natural Foods (as of 3/08/16). Click on each variety to link to High Mowing’s website for growing information.

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