Summer in the Garden

Well it’s officially summer!

It’s the season most Minnesotans wait for all year long. We keep the memories of it tucked in our parka pockets as we make it through those twenty-below days the other half of the year. It’s our reward for, well, surviving what could be the reality show called “Cabin Fever: Extreme Edition.” (You heard it here first.)

Summer is here, and the earth is green, and flowers are blooming and the first harvest of lettuce, spinach, scapes, strawberries and even currents are gracing our tables and tummies.

Here at Valley Natural Foods, our gardens are bursting forth with life. We have an assortment of gorgeous flowers blooming in our central perennial garden. (On display now are Peonies, Yarrow, Daisies, Columbine, and Baptisia.) In our leased out co-op gardens we can see the beginnings of what looks to be a great harvest of tomatoes, peppers, radishes, potatoes, peas, beans and more. Our teaching garden (along the side of building) has been worked and planted by some fabulous second grade classes, and is using this stretch of warmth and sunshine to take off!

We are very excited to see how all these plants grow and develop, and for those gardeners who depend on their plants for providing a canning, freezing & pickling harvest at the end of the season, it’s an eager time when tiny seedlings can hold big hope for the future.

Not to mention giving us a little slice of summer to carry us through another Minnesota Winter.

Happy Summer! And to those that relish the feeling of soil between your fingers, happy gardening!

It’s looking like a beautiful season!

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