The Open Door Food Pantry in Minnesota

Make a Difference this March: Minnesota FoodShare Benefits Open Door Food Pantry

March marks the start of an annual program to benefit local food shelves called Minnesota FoodShare. Valley Natural Foods will be raising funds and collecting donations for local organization The Open Door Pantry. Keep reading to learn more about these two programs and about how you can make a difference in the local community.

Our goal this year is to raise $5,000 for the March Campaign!

Minnesota FoodShare

Minnesota FoodShare works to fight food insecurity throughout the state by providing donations to keep food shelves stocked by collaborating with other local groups and businesses. The organization also educates the community about hunger and advocates for legislation to help combat this issue.

Minnesota FoodShare’s March Campaign works to provide resources to local food shelves.

Since 1982, MFS has donated funds to local food shelves. The following data is from the MFS website:

2017 March Campaign results:
280 food shelves participated
$7,781,597 raised for food shelves
$324,500 distributed to participating food shelves via the Minnesota FoodShare FoodFund
4,748,756 pounds of food

The Open Door Pantry

The Open Door Pantry is located in Eagan and works to provide healthy food shelf options for the surrounding community.

Some of the programs that Open Door supports include:

  • A food pantry with goal to provide “a healthy food approach to ending local hunger through access to healthy food.”
  • A Mobile Food Pantry that provides to individuals and families who might lack reliable transportation means.
  • Local garden plots for families.
  • Family Advocate volunteers who help pair families with social service programs.

What You can do to Help

If you want to help make a difference this March, there are several things you can do.

At the register

  • Round-up. You can round-up your purchase to the nearest dollar when checking out at Valley Natural Foods. Our cashiers will ask you if you’d like to round-up or you can also request to add more to your donation amount.
  • Donate your bag credit. If you bring in your own reusable bag you can choose to donate that 5¢ credit to Open Door.

In the Community

  • Donate food. We will have a collection area at the front of our store.  The top five items requested are peanut butter, canned tuna or chicken, vegetable oil, fruit juice and toilet paper. See the full list of needed items here.
  • Donate funds. You can donate directly to the Open Door or to Minnesota FoodShare! Donations are a great way to support food shelves since they are able to allocate the funds where they are needed and are able to get discounted foods to stock the shelves.

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