Teaching Gardens

Erika-in-GardenThe purpose of the Teaching Garden at Valley Natural Foods is to provide our community a calm, natural place to relax, while also showcasing plants and growing methods that are beneficial to humans and the environment. 

In our Teaching Garden you will find native plants that attract pollinators such as butterflies and hummingbirds, various herbs that can be brewed into tea or processed into oils or supplements, and other plants that have healing or health properties. 

Our natural classroom is also a great venue for instruction, whether it’s a class on natural herbal supplements, or a field trip for children to catch insects or learn where food comes from. 

The Teaching Garden is also a perfect spot to rest and rejuvenate. In 2016, member-owner Tom Kackmann donated and assembled a pergola made from reclaimed wood and materials from the local area, complete with a seating bench and a birdhouse. 

So next time you’re at Valley Natural Foods on a wonderful weather day, stop by, have a seat, and take a look around our Teaching Garden next to our patio!

To schedule a private or group tour, contact our garden coordinator, Erika – community@valleynaturalfoods.com.