Build Your Own Deli Rice Bowl!

If you’ve enjoyed visiting our salad and hot bar for lunch, dinner or even take out, then you’re going to love the latest addition to the deli – our new build your own rice bowl bar!

Building your own amazing rice bowl must start with perfectly cooked rice, and that’s why we have a nifty new rice cooker right next to the deli hot bar. Every day, freshly-cooked organic brown basmati rice is ready to go by the time the deli hot bar is set up for lunch. Fresh batches of rice are cooked up for the evening crowd too.

Tips for building the perfect rice bowl

  • For one serving, fill bowl with rice right below the line in bottom half of bowl.
  • Select a protein from our hot bar like cubed chicken, black beans or marinated tofu cubes.
  • Top your protein with a variety of colorful veggies like peppers, greens, carrot shreds, bean sprouts and onions from our salad bar.
  • Top your rice bowl creation with your choice of sauces or seasonings, found adjacent to the rice cooker.
  • For easy take-out, cover bowl with a convenient lid (provided).

Note: Rice bowls are weighed by the pound at the registers, and sell for $7.99/lb. (same price as deli salad and hot bar). Depending on items you select for toppings, or how high you fill your bowl, each can weigh in the range of just below a pound to two pounds-plus.

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