New Sweet Treats from our Deli

If you have a sweet tooth then these new additions to our bakery case are a must try! The newest baked goods include a Classic Palmier, Danish Cheese Strudels and Danish Swirls with either cherry or apple fillings. The pastry dough is made with the finest ingredients and uses traditional methods of laminating and resting so that the dough develops a rich flavor and the ability to have a crispy, flaky texture.  The fillings are all natural and made with no artificial colors or flavorings.

What is laminating dough you ask? Dough that has been laminated has gone through a process of rolling and folding butter into the dough mixture multiple times to create alternating layers of dough and butter. The end result is a dough, that when baked, is airy and flaky. Traditional dough has butter creamed into the dough which makes it denser and less airy/flaky.deli-baked-pastries-9-26-16-palmier

Palmiers are made with pastry dough which is coated with sugar crystals, rolled out thin and then the two sides are rolled together and resemble the shape of a butterfly, palm, or elephant ears (pictured right).

Danish Cheese Strudels use dough that is braided and then filled with cheese that is similar in taste and consistency to a cream cheese. The dough is glazed with sugar crystals and is the perfect combination of sweet and savory.

Last but not least are the Danish swirls with fruit fillings. These pastries are in the shape of a circle with either cherry or apple filling in the center. The combination of a flaky, buttery crust with sweet pie filling makes this the perfect sweet treat.

Be sure to check out these new pastries, made daily, along with our other tasty delights in the bakery case.

Kelsey is the Food Demo and Education Coordinator at Valley Natural Foods. She oversees the in-store demo program and scheduling of classes.


  • September 27, 2016


    are the pastries made with non-gmo/organic ingredients?

    • October 7, 2016

      Susie Hessburg

      Thank you for your question. We checked with our supplier and they stated their pastries are all-natural made with European butter, high protein flours, organic fruit, and artisan cheeses. However, they are not Non-GMO verified at this time.

  • April 9, 2018


    do you have gluten free bread/pastry items?

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