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Gift Guide 2017: Local Honey

Finding gifts for the holidays can be a tiny bit stressful. So we’re here to help with our co-op gift guides!

In this edition, we’re focusing on honey, specifically local honey. Honey is a particularly versatile gift that will make cheese aficionados as well as general foodies happy.

Local Honey Minnesota

Bare Honey

Bare Honey has a variety of flavored honey that makes them the perfect gift for any connoisseur.  These flavors include lavender blossom, cinnamon, chocolate, hot & spicy, raw wildflower, bee pollen infused and vanilla bean. Vanilla bean spreadable honey comes particularly recommended from one of our staff members.

Bolton Bees

The honey from Bolton Bees is location-specific, meaning each honey has a unique flavor reflective of the areas where the bee colonies are located. This leads to honey like Tree Party Honey which is “located in Nevis and Akeley, MN among lakes, ponds, and bogs, are interspersed throughout the rolling hills of the North Woods. This land is covered in oak, maple, aspen, basswood, red and white pines.” Bolton Bees Honey also has high-caliber fans like Martha Stewart, National Geographic, and Smithsonian Magazine.

Homestead Apiaries

The Homestead Honey Farm in Dennison, Minnesota produces raw honey which is minimally processed to ensure natural nutrition like enzymes, minerals and proteins are intact. Raw honey is also known for antibacterial properties, is loaded with antioxidants as well as its ability to aid in digestion.

Bolton Bees Bare Honey

Ames Farms

If you need a standout gift for the serious or adventurous foodie, look no further than honeycombs from Ames Farms. These honeycombs are visually stunning and make for great gifting. The single-source honey from Ames Farms has a story. Every jar/honeycomb has a hive number and floral source showing the time and place in Minnesota captured.

If you need more inspiration, Ames Farms has their own gift guides for honey lovers, foodies, tea drinkers, skin care pros, mixologist and bakers.

Marquette Honey Farms

Since 1905 Marquette Honey has produced fine honey in Little Falls, Minnesota. The bees of Marquette Farms collect from clover and basswood during the summer to create their signature honey.

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