Know Your Local H2O Party

Save the Date for another party at our kiosk: Know Your Local H2O. Starting Friday, June 16 thru Saturday, June 17 come visit us at the kiosk to sample and learn more about local water varieties. We will have staff there to answer your questions from 12PM – 4PM on both those days.

The stars of the party include klarbrunn sparkling waters and klarbrunn übr water. Klarbrunn sparkling waters are flavored with natural flavor sources and contain no calories or sodium. We will be carrying the following flavors:

The klarbrunn übr water is a high pH, electrolyte-infused drinking water. High pH waters have a pH of 7 or greater and are believed to help neutralize acid in the body and to provide the body and mind with proper hydration. Electrolyte enhanced waters contain ions which are atoms that carry an electrical charge like calcium, potassium and sodium. Our body uses ions to maintain blood chemistry, muscle action and recovery, and other everyday processes. Active individuals often look to electrolyte enhanced drinking waters for muscle recovery after a strenuous workout.

Klarbrunn is a local water company based out of Watertown, Wisconsin. Founded in 1987 they look for a simplistic and natural approach to producing their line of water products. So stop in and learn more about klarbrunn water products on June 16 and 17.

Read more about klarbrunn water products here:


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