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‘Sow’ Many Garden Seeds

High Mowing Organic Seed Packets on RacksTime to Sow Those Garden Seeds

It’s that exciting time of year when folks are starting to sow garden seeds indoors for their outside gardens! If you’re the type of gardener who enjoys early garden activity, now’s the perfect time to plan for your garden space.  Our area’s average last frost date usually happens sometime between May 14-21.  Take a look at the following countdown recommended for starting garden seeds indoors: the number of weeks refers to how many weeks to sow seed before the last estimated frost date.

10-12 weeks: onions, leeks and chives

8-10 weeks: peppers, lettuce, broccoli and cabbage

6-8 weeks: eggplants and tomatoes

3-4 weeks: cucumbers, melons, pumpkins and squash

Great Selection of Garden Seeds are Available

Stop by our produce department and browse our racks of colorful, packaged garden seeds for veggies, fruits and flowers. Once again, we’re proud to carry hardy varieties from Prairie Road Organic Seed, (local from North Dakota), and from High Mowing Organic SeedsBoth companies provide additional information on their websites about their products. Also look for High Mowing Organic Seeds’ in-depth planting guide for indoor seed sowing.

Good to Know

If possible, do a little assessment on your garden plot area before deciding what to plant. When it comes to sunlight requirements, leafy greens grow nicely in partial sun and shade conditions. However, most flowering plants require at least 6 hours of hot sun exposure and the attendance of pollinator insects for flowers to grow into veggies and fruits. To help make your garden space more attractive to pollinators, be sure to sow a few varieties of flower seeds or transplant some established flower plants.

Mark your calendars for our annual Valley Natural Foods Garden Center, scheduled to open in the second week of May. Once again, we’ll be bringing in fun varieties of locally-grown veggie, fruit, flower, herb and many other healthy garden plants.

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