Bootlegger Brewing Kombucha On-Tap

On-Tap Local Kombucha Now Available at our Juice Bar!

On-tap kombucha is here and it’s a local favorite! We are now serving Bootlegger Brewing Organic Kombucha on-tap near our Juice Bar.

On-tap kombucha is available to purchase in single-serve cups or Bootlegger Brewing 32 oz. growlers. For refills we are only accepting Bootlegger Brewing Growlers at this time.


We will have 4 flavors on-tap including:

  • Sturdy Girl Apple Cinnamon
  • Lookout Lemon Berry
  • Hearty Woodsman Ginger
  • Seasonal flavor


Single-serve cups can be purchased at the Juice Bar only and are available in the following sizes:

  • 12 oz. cup for $2.99
  • 16 oz. cup for $3.99
  • 20 oz. cup for $4.99

New growlers and growler refills can be purchased at either the Juice Bar or with a cashier at checkout. Pricing is as follows:

  • A filled 32 oz. Bootlegger Brewing Growler for $11.99*
  • A 32 oz. refill of a Bootlegger Brewing Growler for $6.99*

*To prevent contamination, on-tap kombucha will only be sold in provided deli cups or Bootlegger Brewing growlers.

Tips for enjoying on-tap kombucha

  • Kombucha comes out of the tap very quickly. It is best to pull the tap all the way forward and tilt your cup slightly so that the kombucha doesn’t foam up as much.
  • New growlers fill better when rinsed out. Our baristas would be happy to rinse it out for you before filling.
  • Kombucha is carbonated, so don’t wait too long to drink it or it may go flat.
  • Curious what a flavor taste like? Ask the barista for a sample cup to try a flavor, if you’d like to try multiple flavors please ask for a new sampling cup.

Read More About Bootlegger Brewing

Bootlegger Brewing Organic Kombucha is locally produced in Apple Valley, Minnesota. They’re passionate about brewing organic kombucha made with simple ingredients that are locally sourced; like organic tea, evaporated cane juice and of course the mother SCOBY.

What is a SCOBY you ask? SCOBY is a symbiotic colony of bacteria and yeast, but don’t be afraid of the bacteria because it’s actually good for you! The bacteria and yeast work together to ferment the sugars in the sweet tea to produce vitamins, enzymes, and probiotics which can help improve digestion along with other health benefits.

Their kombuchas are so easy to drink that one might say they’re Minnesota Nice!

Kelsey is the Food Demo and Education Coordinator at Valley Natural Foods. She oversees the in-store demo program and scheduling of classes.


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    Kombucha’s- do any of them have green tea or are all black tea?

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