Your Kids will Love this Juicy Holiday Ham Recipe

Tuesday, December 13th was Community Night at the Co-op at Valley Natural Foods from 5-7 pm.  Children and families from District 196 schools, Northview and Westview, were invited to learn more about how to eat healthy along with enjoying a meal and fun samples as a family. This month’s Community Night was extra special as we engaged staff from each department to create recipes for kids to sample. The kids were charged to vote for their favorite recipe. The clear tasty favorite created by Ken Harrington in the meat department  actually makes for a wonderful,  simply  holiday meal  or new year’s party idea: Gluten-Free Ham with Pineapple Juice & Cloves.  Simmered for two hours in pineapple juice and maple syrup, this ham is so juicy and richly flavored, you won’t be able to get enough of it.

Did you miss out all these yummy samples? Stop by our second December Community Night at the Co-op for District 191 schools, Gideon Pond and Sioux Trail on Tuesday, December 27 from 5-7pm. Not only will you get to taste Ken’s ham but you can also try some other tasty recipes made by Valley Natural Foods’ employees.  These include  seven-layer Mediterranean  dip, breakfast pigs in a blanket, kale chips,  amazing peachy pie and Emergen-C  gelatin.  Of course, don’t forget your slider night (hamburger) meal from our deli department!

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