Garden Center 2019

Garden Center

Every spring, we acknowledge the arrival of warmer temperatures and renewal of life with the opening of our garden center. This year, we will open the garden center, located in our parking lot, on Thursday, May 9.

Once again, Rush Creek Growers (Spring Valley, Wis.), Green Earth Growers (Prior Lake, Minn.) and Glacial Ridge Growers (Glenwood, Minn.) are providing us with a wide selection of locally grown, robust garden plants. Since the center is open right before Mother’s Day, consider a hanging basket for mom. We’ll have single floral species, mixed herbs, succulents and sun/shade mixes.

Shelves will be filled with cool and warm-season vegetable crops, several varieties of tomato plants (from heirlooms to cherry to slicers) and dozens of pepper plants, from the mild to very hot, like the ghost and Fatalii peppers. Interesting varieties of herbs, berries, melons, native perennials, pollinator plants and much more will be in stock soon. This year, we are also emphasizing pollinator-friendly flowers and vegetables and herbs that can be grown in small spaces. Rush Creek offers a great selection of such plants.

New plant varieties and replenishment shipments will continue to arrive throughout the month of May. Plan to visit several times to see what’s new on our garden center shelves.

Fill Your Own Bucket

Just outside the garden center is a mound of Harvest Moon Blend from Shakopee Mdewakanton Sioux Community Organics Recycling. The blend has a composition of 20% peat, 40% black soil and 40%-yard waste compost. You can bring and fill your own five-gallon bucket for only $1.99. This garden blend can be directly planted in as-is or can be used to add volume to your gardens and raised beds. We recommend using a fertilizer to complete its nutritional profile.

In addition to the Harvest Moon Blend, a selection of natural soil amendments, fertilizers, potting mixes and other garden supplies, are available for purchase. Ask about the popular Korean hand tool (EZ-digger), which is very popular with our gardening customers.

Passionate, informed staff will be on hand to help you decide what plants are right for your garden. Garden center hours are daily, 8 a.m.–6 p.m. It will be in operation through Sunday, June 2.

About Our Local Growers

Though not certified organic growers, Rush Creek, Green Earth and Glacial Ridge Growers employ organic growing practices. They adhere to greenhouse production techniques that allow them to operate without insecticides, herbicides or neonicotinoids. Visit each grower’s website for more information.