October Wellness Sales

Our Wellness Department is having some major sales this October. The following product lines will be on sale all month long:

  • Oregons Wild Harvest 25% Off
  • Herb Pharm 20% Off
  • Newton Homeopathic 20%
  • Vika’s Essentials 15% Off
  • Valentina’s 25% Off
  • Cannavest CBD 20% Off
  • Puremedy 15% Off
  • White Egret 20% Off
  • Inesscents 20% Off

Please note this sale does not include bulk items and cannot be applied to special orders. To learn more about these various wellness companies read below.

Oregon’s Wild Harvest (25% off)

Oregon’s Wild Harvest started with the dream of one couple. Randy was a surgical nurse and his wife, Pam, a savvy business woman. Randy had always had a passion for researching less evasive procedures in his career and he wanted to share his research with more than just his patients. He began studying herbal medicine and dreamed of starting his own business.

One day their dream became a nightmare when Pam became deathly ill from an unknown toxin on a trip to Mexico. Pam sought help from many different doctors, specialists, naturopaths and acupuncturists, but no one could pinpoint the source or the remedy.

Randy took his wife’s health into his own hands and used his extensive knowledge of herbal medicine to try and help his wife. After months of remedies and herbs, Pam was finally starting to show signs of improvement.  The couple was able to chase after their dream once more and start Oregon’s Wild Harvest.

Today Oregon’s Wild Harvest has a vast line of herbs, herb capsules and herbal tonics. All of their products come from whole herbs that are certified organic, non-GMO and are of the highest quality, potency and purity. Their herbs go through extensive quality control testing by highly trained staff to ensure quality and integrity of their product.

We carry Oregon’s Wild Harvest, herbs, herb capsules and new to our store are their 2 oz. herbal tonics that are formulated for different needs such as reducing stress, sleeping better or help ridding your body of toxins.

For more information visit: https://www.oregonswildharvest.com/

Herb Pharm (20% off)

Herb Pharm’s logo is based off a Greek mythological symbol of the Rod of Asclepius, who was a Greek deity of the healing arts and medicines. This tribute represents their dedication to improving ancient healing traditions while cultivating the land in a way that protects it for future generations. Each batch of their herbal remedies and oils are made by hand and tested for quality. We carry a large variety of their herbal extracts and oils in our wellness department.

Their vision is simple they want to “actively participate in the health, happiness and harmony of the Earth and all its people”. Their mission involves educating people on the safe and effective use of herbs while inspiring a love and respect for nature. If you want to learn more about medicinal herbs and oils, their website is a great resource for that information.


Newton Homeopathics (20% off)

Newton Homeopathics started when Luc Chaltin became severely ill with tuberculosis and was no longer able to tolerate treatments of modern medicine. He stumbled upon a book that discussed the importance of liver drainage, also referred to as detoxification. He started experimenting with different homeopathic remedies that help support the excretory function of the body. He discovered a combination that worked well for him and appropriately named it the “Drainer”. His condition improved and he continued to research and share his findings with the public.

After his initial findings he pursued a diploma in Homeopathy, and Naturopathy and continued his homeopathic research. From there he started Newton Homeopathics in 1987, which now has a large line of homeopathic remedies.  Dr. Luc passed on his findings to a team of experts that continue his research to this day. Valley Natural Foods carries a variety of their homeopathic remedies and they are on sale all month long!

For more information visit: http://www.newtonlabs.net/

Vika’s Essentials (15% off)

Viktoriya had suffered with acne, eczema, and sensitive skin issues her entire life which only continued to worsen as she got older. Becoming frustrated, she went to seek answers for herself, and found answers in aromatherapy and Ayurveda. She traveled the world learning about essential oils, natural butters and oils, and from there Vika’s Essentials was born.

Vika’s line of products are made in small batches, using natural ingredients and are made right here in Burnsville!  Vika’s uses a holistic approach when crafting their skin care products which are free from parabens, synthetic fragrances and colors, T.E.A., D.E.R., glycols, silicons, PEGs, sulfates, and mineral oils.

For more information visit: http://www.vikasessentials.com/

Valentina’s (25% off)

Valentina’s started with a young girl who had stumbled upon her recently deceased mother’s gypsy spell book.  She started performing spells with her friends and scouring stores for the best ingredients possible. From there she began experimenting at home; brewing her own potions on the same stove that dinner was prepared on.

Today Valentina’s offers a variety of natural body mists, oils, washes, perfumes and bath salts using 100% natural ingredients.

For more information visit: http://valentinashomebrewed.com/

Cannavest (20% off)

Cannevest is a European company that produces Cannabidiol or CBDoil which is derived from an agricultural hemp plant.  These oils are known to have multiple health benefits that have evolved over time.  CBDoil products are tested for quality, potency and safety to ensure that their customers are getting safe and trusted products.

All their hemp and hemp seed oils traced from seed to shelf and are non-GMO, gluten free and chemical free due to their CO2 extraction process. We carry their flavored and unflavored oils, oil balms and tablets.

For more information visit: https://pluscbdoil.com/

Puremedy (15% off)

Puremedy’s start began long before their natural skin care products and healing salves were available to the public. In 1865 the founder of Puremedy’s great-grandfather, Joseph Piquette, suffered a third degree burn that left doctor’s wanting to amputate his leg. His father refused to accept this fate and sought out a better solution. He found a medicine man that taught him how to make a healing salve, and it worked! Joseph was able to keep his leg and was left with virtually no scars.

Since then, the healing salve recipe has been passed down from generation to generation.  Their product line has since expanded to medicinal, beauty, baby, feminine and animal wellness products. All their ingredients are certified organic or wild-crafted/forged in the mountains away from civilization. We carry a large selection of the herbal extracts and oils.

For more information visit: http://www.puremedy.com/

White Egret (20% off)

White Egret has been providing natural personal body care products for over 35 years. They are committed to providing quality products while also maintaining fairness and integrity with their customers and vendors.  We carry White Egret’s candles which are crafted with hand-cut cloth and the highest quality of essential oils and waxes.

For more information visit: http://www.wepersonalcare.com/index.html

Inesscents (20% off)

Inesscents is a family business that started making alternative body care products to the typical commercial care products. They are located out of Southern Oregon and strive to maintain purity and perfection through minimal processing and organic practices.

Skin is the largest, and one of the most important organs in the body and Inesscents believes that by nourishing the skin you are nourishing your entire body. Inesscents products are plant based, unrefined and are never tested on animals. You will feel good knowing that what you’re putting on your body, is also good for your body.

We carry many of their healing remedies and oils which can be used to make skin care products. Please note that this sale does not include their bulk oils.

For more information visit:  https://www.inesscents.com/

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