Wellness Consultations: Supporting You in Your Journey

As the seasons change and you are trying to get out of your winter rut, maybe you want to try a new healthy lifestyle or diet. You may also want to change your exercise habits, in addition to managing your stress levels better. However, you may have a diet-related health concern that is bothering you. Whatever it may be, knowing where to start is always difficult, along with having the motivation to do so.

This is where Valley Natural Foods’ experts can help and we want to be your support and the place you can count on to get the information, resources and products you are looking for.

One expert that you may not know we have a staff is a Registered Nurse, Eileen Johnson. Every customer is invited to meet with Eileen for a FREE 30-minute wellness consultation regarding your nutrition, exercise and stress management needs*. Eileen has over 35 years of experience working in public health and she has worked at the co-op for well over a decade. You may also have seen Eileen at Westview Elementary in Apple Valley where she works as a school nurse.

Eileen has been here at the co-op for 12 years and we know her to be the most kind, calm and compassionate person who always has a smile on her face and is willing to listen. She listens with an open mind and doesn’t judge, and is willing to provide genuine, friendly guidance based upon a holistic wellness knowledge foundation, to help you make the choices you need for the lifestyle you seek.

You can sign-up for your free 30 minute wellness consultation with Eileen at customer service or by calling 952-891-1212 ext. 221. Eileen is mostly available on Monday and Tuesday evenings for consultations, with some added days here and there.

*The information in this blog is provided or informational purposes only and is not intended as medical advice. Please seek the guidance of a qualified healthcare professional before embarking on a lifestyle change or for treating a specific condition.

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