Cheesy, Savory & Gluten-Free!

Cheesy, savory, gluten-free cheese bread and pizza are the latest items to be making appearances on our grocery shelves, from our very own Down in the Valley Bakehouse! What makes both products so special?For starters, they’re crafted, using local ingredients. The cheese bread and pizza are both slathered with a delicious and savory garlic sauce from Minneapolis company Joe’s Garlic SauceFor the pizza,  tangy, organic tomato sauce pairs beautifully with the garlic sauce. A generous topping of shredded  mozzarella, provolone and Parmesan finishes off both items with cheese produced by Wisconsin company Rochdale Farms.

The pizza is available right now in our freezer section, in aisle 7. Watch for our new cheese bread to debut in the next couple of weeks!

Serving suggestions:

Before baking the pizza, add some of your favorite toppings like sliced mushrooms or bits of cooked sausage. Or bake just as is, and top with fresh basil, just before serving.

Keep an eye on the garlic bread after placing in oven – once the cheese melts it will start to brown quickly. Serve at once with soup, or your favorite gluten-free pasta dish.


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  1. Lisa Johnson February 25, 2017 at 8:30 pm #

    Thrilled to see New Gluten Free options in store. Can’t wait to try the new Cheese w/Garlic Herb Sauce Pizza & the Cheese Bread!! Happy to know that Gluten Free is not getting less importance on shelf space, but possibly more! I hate to see GF removed to put more facings of non-GF in it’s place.

    Thank you!

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