Owner Appreciation Month Update

Owners get a 5% discount on 3 Tuesdays in FebruaryOwner Discount Tuesdays

Despite the snowy day on February 10th, we had lots of happy owners in for our first owner appreciation month Discount Tuesday event. For the next two Tuesdays you can save up to 10% by combining a 5% off Tuesday savings with your monthly discount. Tuesday 5% offer can be combined one time this month or enjoy two more separate transactions of 5% off in addition to your one-time monthly 5% discount. Thank you for being part of our co-op. We love our owners.

Owner Stories

A reminder about our call to share your stories/quotes about why you are proud to be an owner of Valley Natural Foods. Email your stories to marcom@valleynaturalfoods.com. Your name will be entered into a drawing for a chance to win one of two $100 co-op gift cards. Read owner submissions here

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