The Down in the Valley Bakehouse Has Arrived!

Looking for a great-tasting  gluten-free  baked good?  It can be difficult to find to say the least.  But look no further—Valley Natural Foods is a new haven for those seeking delicious, gluten-free options.  We’re excited to announce the launch of a 100 percent  gluten-free line of Down in the Valley products.  These wonderful creations are made in an off-site, dedicated kitchen and will be carried at the co-op’s Burnsville location under the label, “Down in the Valley Bakehouse”.

Our bakers have worked to create flour mixes and recipes that remained gluten-free, yet overcome the common issues of non-binding, gumminess and texture sometimes found in gluten-free offerings.  The Bakehouse also uses nutritional ingredients and considers the taste of the final product to be just as important as the food allergen factor.

In addition to offering temptingly sweet items like chiffon cake, cupcakes, banana bread and cookies, the Bakehouse will also carry traditionally hard to find gluten-free products, such as hot dog buns, sandwich bread, pizza crust, tortillas, baguettes and croutons, giving consumers loads of options.

All Bakehouse products are located in our deli department, be sure to check them out the next time you are in!


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