February Soup Selections:

• Monday –  Vegetarian Chili, Wild Rice Ham

• Tuesday – Jamaican Carrot, Fat Flush

• Wednesday – Broccoli Cheese, Beef Chili

• Thursday – Cabbage Patch, Butternut Squash

• Friday – Bone Broth, Clam Chowder

• Saturday – Beef Chili, Cowboy Chili

• Sunday – Cowboy Chili, Thai Coconut

Please be aware that our soups are made fresh in individual batches & may change during the day as they sell out and are replaced with new varieties.


February Hot Food Features: A variety of sides are available with all featured items.

• Monday – Kale and White Bean Stew, Cashew Chicken

• Tuesday – Lean and Spicy Taco Meat, Black Bean Corn Quesadillas

• Wednesday – Pasta Primavera, Meatloaf

• Thursday –  Turkey Wild Rice, Mac and Cheese

• Friday – Tandouri Chicken, Spinach Garb Stew

• Saturday  A.M. – Farmers Casserole, Breakfast Pie

• Sunday A.M. –  Farmers Casserole, Breakfast Pie


Hot food features are subject to change during the day as they may sell out and be replaced with new items.