Living Naturally

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What is “Living Naturally”?

Valley Natural Foods openly communicates with its owners as a cooperative. “Living Naturally” is more than an ownership publication, though. It benefits the entire community.

Supporting the co-op’s mission for a healthy community, the newsletter seeks to inform and inspire readers to make healthy choices based on the co-op’s F.R.E.S.H. values:

Family. Content is meant to help your family learn from ours. Columns like “Healthy Living” share success stories of featured employees who have achieved inspiring health goals.

Relationships. The hallmark of programs such as Down in the Valley Bakehouse and Fresh Meat wholesale is built upon relationships with local farmers, cooperatives and businesses. Featured stories introduce readers to key partners.

Education. In addition to daily food demonstrations, monthly classes and informative articles that empower consumers, the co-op seeks to educate at every opportunity. The newsletter is full of tips, recipes and links to help you navigate organic and natural food choices.

Sustainability. The newsletter is printed in Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) mixed-paper from responsible sources. The co-op also introduced an interactive digital option for readers to eliminate paper entirely and enjoy the contents on multiple electronic devises.

Health. Your top concern is our co-op’s mission. Each page encourages you in your commitment to a healthier lifestyle. You’ll find recipes that are seasonal and based on fresh ingredients. Links direct you to learn more about health and keep you informed.

Published quarterly (Fall, Winter, Spring, Summer, “Living Naturally” is a free publication. Print copies are available at Valley Natural Foods. Access the latest issue here or subscribe electronically. If you are a member-owner, you can send your request for a mailed print copy to:

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