Chicken Pesto Lasagna

Everyone loves a good lasagna and this recipe gives the traditional tomato and beef based lasagna a fun and unique twist. The addition of the basil pesto and fresh zucchini along with the chicken and creamy Parmesan sauce creates a luscious layered meal your whole family will enjoy.

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  • 1. Preheat oven to 375 degrees.
  • 2. Place butter and onions in a large pot and cook over medium heat for 8-10 minutes stirring occasionally.
  • 3. Whisk in the flour and cook for 2 minutes.
  • 4. Next, whisk in the milk, Parmesan cheese, nutmeg, salt and pepper and cook over medium heat for an additional 6-8 minutes, stirring occasionally until sauce thickens.
  • 5. In a small bowl, mix together the ricotta cheese and pesto, set aside.
  • 6. Next spread ½ cup of the Parmesan cream sauce on the bottom of a greased, 9x13 glass baking dish.
  • 7. Arrange a layer of lasagna noodles on the bottom of the baking dish followed by a layer of zucchini slices.
  • 8. Next evenly spread 1/3 of the shredded chicken, 1/3 of the ricotta mixture and 1/3 of the mozzarella cheese across the layers in the dish.
  • 9. Repeat those layers two more times until all ingredients are used up.
  • 10. Cover the baking dish with foil and bake for about 35 minutes, then remove the foil and bake an additional 35 - 40 minutes until edges are brown and bubbly and knife inserted in the center is hot.