Orange Chicken and Rice

A tangy blood orange meets a spicy pepper and you’ve got the makings of a great takeout dish from your very own kitchen. This is a quick, healthy alternative your whole family will love.

NOTE: To slice chicken easier, place the chicken in the freezer for at least 30 minutes prior to slicing. 

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  • 1. In a large skillet or a wok, heat oil over medium heat.
  • 2. Add the sliced chicken and cook 6-8 minutes or until no longer pink.
  • 3. Meanwhile, in a small bowl whisk together the soy sauce, fresh ginger, garlic, blood orange zest, blood orange juice, brown sugar, salt, red pepper flakes & cornstarch.
  • 4. Add to chicken and cook for 5 minutes stirring occasionally.
  • 5. Add the green onions and cook another 3 minutes until onions are crisp tender.
  • 6. Serve with cooked rice.