Spider Dip with Fruit Monsters

No Tricks, Just Treats!

Halloween is right around the corner! Whether you’re hosting a Halloween Party or if you just want to have some fun with the family, these treats will surely get you into the spirit!

Tricks to Make Your Own Treats

Making your own scary treats can be half of the fun. You and your guests will enjoy eating them as much as you enjoyed making them.

Fruit Monsters

To make fruit monsters, cut an apple into 4 wedges. Next, on the side of the apple that still has skin on it, use a knife to cut out an indent for the mouth. Be careful not to cut all the way through because then you would have to start over.  Now you have your canvas for a scary face.

Use things like slivered almonds, marshmallows, sunflower seeds or pepitas for teeth. You can get the teeth to stay on by putting a nut butter or caramel dip in the mouth indent and then sticking the teeth on top of the spread. Or use a knife to make a small hole on the bottom and/or top of the mouth indent in the white apple flesh then stick the tooth into the hole.

You can use strawberry slices or fruit leather strips for the monster’s tongue. Then use small candies, chocolate chips or frosting for the eyes. You may need to cut out a small crevice and then fill with a nut butter or caramel to get the small candies or chocolate chips to stick and stay put. These are just a few ideas to get you started. The best part is if you mess up then just eat your creation and start over!

Spider Web Design

Making a spider web design on foods is easier than you think. This design can be done on pretty much any spread/dip that has thinner consistency. In the picture we used our Cinnamon Greek Yogurt Dip with chocolate syrup to make the spider web portion.

To make the spider web design on top of the dip, use chocolate syrup (or another topping that is a thinner consistency) and carefully drizzle in a spiral design. Then use a toothpick, starting from the center of the spiral, and drag out to a little past the edge of the spiral. Do this multiple times until it looks like a spider web.

You could also try this on a queso cheese dip using sriracha or hot sauce to make them web. If you’re really up to the challenge, this can be done using melted milk and dark chocolate for homemade turtles, but this is trickier since chocolate can dry quickly.

Mummy Crescent Dogs

Wrap hot dogs in crescent roll dough to make it look like a mummy. First take the dough out of the packaging and press two triangle pieces together to form a rectangle. Then use a pizza cutter to make thin strips of dough. Wrap the hot dog with strips of crescent roll dough and be sure to leave enough room between the dough segments. Then bake according to the package instructions, or until dough is golden brown. You can add eyes using ketchup or mustard or leave as is. One tube of premade crescent roll dough should be enough to make 8 mummy hot dogs.

Try adding a slice of your favorite cheese to these mummy dogs. Simply cut a square of cheese in half and then wrap around the hotdog before wrapping with the crescent roll dough.

Other Tricks

  • Use a pie pumpkin as a serving dish, simply cut off the top of a small pumpkin and then scoop out the seeds and place a bowl in the center of the pumpkin. Fill with your favorite fall inspired dish and serve!
  • Fill a food-safe glove with water and then freeze. Remove the frozen hand from the freezer and add to a punch bowl with your drink of choice.
  • Use Explore Cuisine Organic Black Bean Spaghetti Noodles. These black noodles topped with marinara sauce and green olives for eyes will surely make for a creepy dish.
  • Draw scary faces on clear plastic cups to help guests keep track of their drinks.

Treats Already Made

If you don’t have time to make treats then pick up some treats that are already made! For a limited time we have some scary good Halloween treats without all the tricky ingredients. While supplies last.

Pick up our house-made deli cakes or 4-pack of cupcakes. Available in White Almond or Mexican Chocolate flavors, these cakes are screaming with fun Halloween designs. Our cakes are made from scratch and hand decorated by our in-house cake decorators.

Enjoy Life has an awesome line of allergy-friendly and non-GMO Halloween candies. Their treats contain no artificial ingredients and we currently have their Ricemilk Crunch Chocolate Minis, Ricemilk Chocolate Minis, Dark Chocolate Minis and a variety pack.

We also have YUMEARTH snack size Candy Corns and Fruit Pops which are certified organic, non-GMO gluten free and delicious!

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Kelsey is the Food Demo and Education Coordinator at Valley Natural Foods. She oversees the in-store demo program and scheduling of classes.

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