VNF Voter Guide

Voting takes place in-store this year!

Voting is open Sept. 4 through Oct. 25. Ballots are available at our in-store voting kiosk or customer service.*

This year, in addition to the board of directors election, there are several proposed amendments to the language in Valley Natural Foods’ articles & bylaws and stock over-issuance on the ballot. There is also a proposed compensation change for board members. The update is to ensure that board members are provided with fair compensation for their commitment of time and the responsibility to our co-op.

View Board of Directors candidate profiles HERE.

View VNF Voter Guide (all proposed changes to the articles & bylaws and summary of proposed resolutions) HERE.

View Fully Restated VNF Articles HERE.

View Amended VNF Bylaws HERE.

View Proposed Resolution for Stock Issuance HERE.

View Proposed Resolution for Board Compensation HERE.

*We are only doing in-store voting this year because our articles & bylaws do not currently allow for electronic voting. There is a proposed amendment on the ballot to allow for e-voting in the future.