Green Team

The Valley Natural Foods Green Team!

“The Green Team works to improve our environmental footprint and social impact by identifying opportunities, launching new programs, and engaging staff and members to make a positive difference.”


What does VNF do to be sustainable?

Glad you asked! As a team, we have done some amazing things that we feel make a positive impact on our store and the environment!

Currently, we are:

  • Recycling plastics
  • Have timed lighting
  • Eliminated all plastic water bottles under 1 liter
  • Have no plastic bags at registers
  • Run on 100% renewable energy
  • Receipt paper is BPA free and recyclable
  • Discount produce that is close to expiration to prevent food waste
  • Donate close to expiring food to local food shelves
  • Compost what we can’t donate
  • Sustainable meat & seafood


Where can I recycle?

Recycling materials can get confusing at times. Just remember not to “wishcycle” and expect everything you put into recycling to be recyclable.

  • Recycling containers need to be clean.
  • Paper/cardboard cannot be recycled with oils or other residue.
  • Plastic containers can be “spoon clean.”
  • Items smaller than 3″ are too small for recycling machines, keep caps on bottles to assure proper recycling.

You can learn more about where to recycle locally at The City of Burnsville’s website.

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