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The Gardens at Valley Natural Foods

Our green spaces are more than just curb appeal – we offer ways for the community to learn, grow and participate in achieving our goal of a healthy community through our Community and Teaching Gardens.

Co-op Community Gardens

Valley Natural Foods is excited to announce a partnership with The Open Door to provide fresh, local and organic food to people right here in Dakota County. The Open Door, with the support of the community, is able to assist thousands of local individuals each month through their pantry in Eagan, Mobile Pantries® and Mobile Lunch Box program designed to connect those in need with fresh, nutritious options. Valley Natural Foods’ mission is to support health and well-being in the South Metro Community, and in doing so, we want to be sure we are making the biggest impact possible for the most amount of people. The Open Door will take over the management of the former community garden plots and through their network of volunteers, will be able to grow and harvest food to provide to patrons of The Open Door Food Pantry.

We want to recognize and thank all our community members who have maintained plots in our community garden since their installation in 2011. We have decided to concentrate our resources to invest in our new Garden Patio to offer an educational and welcoming gathering space for the entire community. As such, we will no longer be offering garden plots to individuals. We hope all can join us on the patio this summer for one of our events or to relax and enjoy some great local food.

Teaching Gardens

Our gardens on the south side of our building serve as a natural classroom, where you can find native plants that help promote pollination, edible herbs and leaves that can contribute to health and wellness, and a place to meditate, relax, and enjoy a pergola made of local reclaimed wood. Educational classes and group sessions are offered to provide information about the plants we feature.