Invest in the Co-op

Invest in the co-op!

Class C Share purchases are voluntary investments made at each member-owner’s discretion – no member-owner is required to purchase preferred shares as a condition of membership in the co-op.

Class C stock is an investment option with local impact. Investing in our co-op may be the most socially responsible investment you can make. You can walk in the door and see your money at work. This will keep our dollars circulating in the local economy and strengthen Valley Natural Foods foundation for continued success.

How Investment Works:

Class C Stock:

• Dividends may be paid at the discretion of the Board of Directors not to exceed 8% per annum. The Board approved and paid a 4% dividend each of the first six years of the current subscription of Class C shares and intends to continue that practice as fiscally feasible.


How Does Class C Stock Help the Co-op?

Class C stock is considered equity, making Valley Natural Foods’ balance sheet stronger. The cash invested in the co-op via C stock

has several uses:

• Provides resources to reinvest in the co-op’s buildings and equipment

• Reduces the co-op’s dependence on bank financing

• Helps make the co-op more sustainable

• Equity for growth or future locations

• With a par value of $100 per share, our bylaws authorize up to

two million dollars in Class C investment.