Community Outreach


Culture of Service: Marching to Our Own Beat

Since our humble beginnings in 1977, our co-op, Valley Natural Foods, has developed a culture of service toward its member-owners and shoppers. The core co-op principles of education and concern for community weave their way through everything we do. These principles create a web of community touch points, reaching far beyond the physical boundaries of our grocery store. Making affordable, high-quality healthy groceries available to our member-owners and shoppers daily is only the first step. Valley Natural Foods’ community action platform creates a movement, first a step, then a stride, leading to a brisk walk or run and then suddenly we are marching to our own beat, making our grocery store only a symbol of how it all began.

Our Community Action Movement: Become Involved

School-Field-trip-in-gardensOur movement is not only about giving money. It is a multifaceted march of action that works to increase community access to healthy foods, build youth and adult food education programs to support eating right and aid in sustainable gardening efforts.  Our employees and member-owners have not forgotten our roots of volunteerism either. Volunteerism built our co-op, with hands and feet willingly taking steps to give and shape the path toward healthy food choices for others. Our employees and members continue to volunteer and give back in their community today. Valley Natural Foods’ sponsored volunteer events with non-profits in our community, pave the way for continuing to engage our members in our roots.

Community Action Programs and SupportRun_4_Hope_Pre-Race

If you have an event or organization within the Twin Cities south metro that you would like us to support, fill out a donation request form.  The Valley Natural Foods’ community action committee meets monthly to determine donations for qualifying requests. Learn more about  Valley Natural Foods’ main community action platforms:  Youth Food Education and Healthy Food Access.