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Board of Directors


The Valley Natural Foods Board of Directors is the visioning body of the co-op member-owners. Each member of the Board is committed to the entire membership of the co-op, not just specific issues. The Board is responsible for setting long-range goals and ensuring plans for the future; ensuring sound management of the co-op’s resources; and acting as trustees on behalf of the members. The Board operates by governance policy.

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Interacting With the Board

  • Write to our email address at
  • Use the comment box and include the word “Board” in your comment.
  • Visit us at special events or when you see us shopping (our pictures are near the customer service desk).
  • Read Letter from the Board in Living Naturally.
  • Join the Strategic Planning or Nomination Committees.
  • Run for a position on the board of directors.
  • What else? Let us know your ideas.

What We Do

  • Define and implement a future vision/strategic plan for Valley Natural Foods. In other words, we envision where we want to be or what we want to accomplish in 2-5 years.
  • Develop and leverage our Mission and Values statements.
  • Define annual objectives for the General Manager.
  • Work with the General Manager to monitor the yearly operational activities. This includes monthly and quarterly financial reports, policy governance review and reports of specific operational issues such as staff treatment and product quality.
  • Interact with other boards of directors from Twin Cities Natural Food co-ops to explore ways we can work together to strengthen all co-ops.
  • Listen to our member-owners. It is very important that we listen to your vision of the future for your Valley Natural Foods since you are the owners
  • Supporting fair trade, good farming and organics locally and globally
  • Creating community jobs with a healthy work environment
  • Providing a local market for local growers and producers
  • Circulating profits locally through cooperative consumership. Here’s a link to our Amended and Restated Articles of Incorporation of Valley Community Food Co-op Incorporated Bylaws & Articles Update Combined


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Board of Directors

Michael Jensen - Board Member

Michael Jensen


Mark Mosiniak

Vice President

DeAnne Shea


Sarah Johansson


Amy Simpson

Board Member

Kate Ward

Board Member

Gary Sankary

Board Member