February is Member-Owner Appreciation Month!

We are grateful to you for being a part of our co-op community. If you’re not a VNF member-owner already, now is a great time to join! As a member-owner, each month you’ll receive a 5% off coupon. Plus, every Monday in February, all member-owners get 50% off any drip coffee from our Coffee & Juice Bar. You’ll also get exclusive member-owner discounts on select items. Even more, you’ll be able to take pride in knowing that you’re supporting your local economy and local small businesses! It truly is the best time to become a VNF member-owner.

The Co-op Difference

A co-op is a special kind of business. Co-ops are owned and governed by the people who shop at the store. When you belong to Valley Natural Foods Co-op, you’re a part of a community—one that promotes local farmers and small producers right here in Minnesota.

People choose to belong to a co-op for different reasons. Maybe it’s for the discounts and owner specials. Or perhaps it’s because it’s a community-owned business. Whatever the reason, your ownership is an investment that supports not only Valley Natural Foods, but also the local economy, ethical purchasing and living-wage jobs.

Member-Ownership at Valley Natural Foods is a simple, one-time investment of $100*. It’s a lifetime ownership, not an annual fee. Visit our Customer Service desk  to start enjoying the benefits of member-ownership today!

*Payment plans available, as well.

View our member-owner brochure here.

Member-Owner Benefits:

  • 5% discount one-time per month*
  • Member-Owner Only specials
  • Member-Owner Only coupons
  • 10% case discount (applies to pre-ordered items only)*
  • A vote in the annual Board of Directors election
  • Eligibility for an annual patronage refund when declared by the Board of Directors

*Does not apply to items that are already on sale or owner deals. Small appliances and juicers, red-tagged items, books, milk, eggs, and sushi are already discounted. Exclusions may change without notice.

Co-op Member-Ownership Makes a Great Gift!

If you would like to gift someone with a Valley Natural Foods Member-Ownership, call or visit customer service for details. 952-891-1212, ext. 221

Become a Member-Owner Online Today!