The Co-op Difference

A co-op is a special kind of business. Co-ops are owned and governed by the people who shop at the store. When you belong to Valley Natural Foods Co-op, you’re a part of a community—one that promotes local farmers and small producers right here in Minnesota.

People choose to belong to a co-op for different reasons. Maybe it’s for the discounts and owner specials. Or perhaps it’s because it’s a community-owned business. Whatever the reason, your ownership is an investment that supports not only Valley Natural Foods, but also the local economy, ethical purchasing and living-wage jobs.

Member-Ownership at Valley Natural Foods is a simple, one-time investment of $100*. It’s a lifetime ownership, not an annual fee. Visit our Customer Service desk  to start enjoying the benefits of member-ownership today!

*Payment plans available, as well.

View our member-owner brochure here.

Member-Owner Benefits:

  • 5% discount one-time per month*
  • Member-Owner Only specials
  • Member-Owner Only coupons
  • 10% case discount (applies to pre-ordered items only)*
  • A vote in the annual Board of Directors election
  • Eligibility for an annual patronage refund when declared by the Board of Directors

*Does not apply to items that are already on sale or owner deals. Small appliances and juicers, red-tagged items, books, milk, eggs, and sushi are already discounted. Exclusions may change without notice.

Co-op Member-Ownership Makes a Great Gift!

If you would like to gift someone with a Valley Natural Foods Member-Ownership, call or visit customer service for details. 952-891-1212, ext. 221

Become a Member-Owner Online Today!