Live Demos at Our Kiosk


Come visit our demo kiosk to sample and learn more about some of your favorite products. Check out what’s happening this week:


Thursday, August 17

Cheese Party at the Kiosk

12pm-3pm Cypress Grove Goat Cheeses

Friday, August 18

Cheese Party at the Kiosk

11am-2pm Yellow Door Alpine-Style Cheeses

3pm-6pm Watch an 80lb. Wheel of Parmigiano Reggiano being cracked open

Saturday, August 19

Cheese Party at the Kiosk

11am-1pm Meet and Watch Board Members Pull Fresh Mozzarella Cheese

Sunday, August 20

11am-1pm Wyndmere in Wellness

11am-3pm Prairie Pride Bacon

Monday, August 21

9am-1pm Punk Rawk Labs

Tuesday, August 22

11am-2pm Ellsworth Cooperative Creamery

Wednesday, August 23

10:30am-6:30pm MegaFoods Pop-Up Event

Thursday, August 24

11am-1pm Neocell and Amazing Grass

1pm-3pm HiBall

3pm-6pm Joe’s Garlic Sauce

Friday, August 25

11am-1pm Lundberg Farms

1pm-6pm Star Tribune

Saturday, August 26

10am-1pm Garden of Life Coconut Oil



PLEASE NOTE: Schedule is subject to change.