Investing in a Healthy Future


The Valley Natural Foods Board of Directors is excited to announce the launch of a capital campaign to help finance our co-op’s expansion and store remodel project.

One of our guiding principles as a co-op is Owner Economic Participation. This capital campaign provides you, as an owner, the opportunity to invest in a socially responsible and ethical local business. It will keep our dollars circulating in the local economy and strengthen Valley Natural Food’s foundation for continued success. It also provides the possibility of a competitive rate of return on your investment.

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Owner investment will be available in two forms:

• Owner Loans: The minimum owner loan amount will be $2,000. The rate of return increases with the amount of the loan. The maximum rate is anticipated to be 4%. Lenders of amounts less than $10,000 may, at their option, choose a rate less than stated here. Interest rates for loans are simple interest accrued annually.

• Class C Stock: With a par value of $100 per share, the annual return rate is intended to be 4%, though the rate of return and approval of a dividend is contingent on Valley Natural Foods Board of Directors approval and there being funds legally available to pay dividends.

Must be an owner of Valley Natural Foods and a resident of Minnesota in order to invest.


For more information on investing in Valley Natural Foods, please contact:
P 952.891.1212 ext. 254

If you are interested in receiving a detailed investment packet simply submit this electronic form and we will have one sent to you directly. You can also pick up an investment packet at the customer service desk.