Member-Owner Appreciation Month

February is Member-Owner Appreciation Month!

We’ll be celebrating our member-owners with promotions and giveaways during the month of February. It’s our way of saying thank you member-owners, for supporting your local co-op by joining and participating in a system committed to having a positive economic and environmental impact in your community! Please come in and enjoy:

Member Mondays

Every Monday in February, Member-owners can receive a FREE 16 oz. self-serve drip coffee. Pour yourself a cup, and bring it up to the registers to be rung up and stickered as a free Member Monday coffee!

Discounted Community Dinner

Member-Owners will be able to enjoy $1 off on our upcoming community dinner on February 23. Enjoy soup and salad while the community gets cozy together and listens to Batume, a live jazz group!

Exclusive Member-Owner Giveaways

Keep an eye out in-store to enter for a chance to win a giveaway item!

Deeper Discounts on Member-Owner Deals

Keep an eye out for deeper discounts on our member-owner deals all month long! Pick up a flyer at Customer Service or view the member-owner deals flyer HERE>>>

Not a member-owner of the co-op? Everyone is welcome to shop at Valley Natural Foods regardless of member-ownership. Becoming a member-owner at Valley Natural Foods is a one-time investment made to purchase equity shares, not an annual fee. Your investment contributes to a community-owned business and your equity dollars are fully refundable. Learn more about our owner benefits HERE>>>