Meat & Seafood

Fresh meat from local family farms? It just comes naturally.

Buying your beef, chicken and pork locally just makes sense. It keeps local family farms in business. It helps the environment by minimizing shipping and maintaining local green spaces. It ensures freshness. And most people think that local food just plain tastes better.

That is why Valley Natural Foods is proud to partner with the following local family farms to provide meat under our Down in the Valley label:

  • Schalwig Bison in Elko New Market, MN (29 minutes from Valley Natural Foods)
  • Ferndale Market in Cannon Falls, MN (45 minutes from Valley Natural Foods)
  • Hidden Stream Farm in Elgin, MN (1.3 hours from Valley Natural Foods)
  • Blooming Prairie Natural Beef in Blooming Prairie, MN (2 hours from Valley Natural Foods)

In addition to benefitting local farms and keeping money in the community, farms that participate in the Down in the Valley fresh meat program must abide by standards that ensure the quality and safety of the product, and that the methods of growth and production are humane. Any partner that joins us under the Down in the Valley label must be verified and documented to ensure:

  • Animals are humanely raised
  • Animals have access to clean air, sunlight and pasture
  • Animals have 24-hour access to water
  • Herds and flocks are not overcrowded
  • Farms have clean, well-bedded facilities
  • Partners are local producers or processors from a tri-state area (MN, WI, IA)
  • Meat is free of added hormones, antibiotics, fillers or dyes
  • Meat labeled as Grass-Fed is 100% Grass-Fed
  • Animals are processed in a local USDA inspected facility

At the end of the day, you can bring quality food to your family’s table and feel good about supporting local farms that do things the right way – naturally.

Sustainable seafood is catching on.

Freshness and flavor may be the most important factors for tonight’s dinner table – and we understand that by offering many varieties of fish and shellfish in our frozen and raw fish cases. From snow crab to shrimp, from Canadian walleye to Alaskan sockeye salmon, we’ve got what you need for a tasty seafood feast!

But Valley Natural Foods knows that maintaining the health of our world’s fish population is vital to ensure that there will be fish dinners for generations to come. That is why our meat department only buys seafood that meets standards set by organizations such as Seafood Watch and We check the standards upon bringing in new varieties, and constantly re-check our current offerings to make sure they still rate “good” or better.

We prefer all of our seafood options to be wild caught, as sustainable wild fishing helps prevent pollution and the use of antibiotics. However, some farm raised fish and shellfish can be raised sustainably and ecologically at a higher quality than wild, or are not available wild caught, we offer those choices as well.

So whether you’re just looking for a fish feast today or looking to make better seafood choices with the future in mind, our knowledgeable and friendly Meat and Seafood staff can help you make your selection. Because healthy, fresh seafood is something worth getting hooked on!