Local, fresh produce that supports the community. Honest to goodness.

We understand that different customers have different needs – but everyone wants fresh, tasty and healthy food for their family’s dinner table. That’s why our Produce department at Valley Natural Foods does their very best to offer the best possible fruits and vegetables at all times of the year.

When in season, we offer organic fruits and vegetables from producers in Minnesota and western Wisconsin, which helps local family farms like L&R Produce in Kenyon, MN and Featherstone Farms in Rushford, MN stay in business and ensure access to healthy food for generations to come.

When produce is not in season, we always offer organic whenever possible as well as conventionally grown options to help keep prices lower. Most important to us is honesty – our staff and our signage will always let you know which is which, allowing you to make the informed choice for your family.

Our well-stocked produce department also helps you come up with great options for family meals and entertaining get-togethers with pre-packed vegetable trays, fajita and stir fry mixes, and our always popular Garden Fresh Salsa which contains nothing other than fresh vegetables, lime juice and salt.

Bottom line, buying fresh and local helps you, your family and the community. And that’s the honest truth.

If you know you want fresh options for your family and you believe in the importance of local farms, then you belong at Valley Natural Foods!