The USDA organic seal verifies that irradiation, sewage sludge, synthetic fertilizers, prohibited pesticides, and genetically-modified organisms were not used. The product has 95% or more certified ingredients.

The seal on organic meat means that animal health and welfare needs were met along with 100% organic feed and no use of antibiotics or growth hormones.


According to the USDA, meat, poultry and egg products labeled as “natural” must be minimally processed and contain no artificial ingredients. There are no standards for the farm practices. The USDA has standards for meat and eggs, but there are no regulations for labeling of other natural foods.

Fair Trade Certified LogoFAIR TRADE

Fair Trade means a fair price and fair living conditions for farmers and producers. This is a model for trade that allows consumers to identify products that were made under practices that seek greater equity for all parties involved.

Non GMO label for Labels pageNON-GMO PROJECT CERTIFIED

The seal with the butterfly indicates that the product has gone through the Non-GMO Project verification process that follows best practices for GMO avoidance.