Wild Country Maple Syrup Tag

We've all had chocolate syrup on our ice cream, but have you ever tried maple syrup atop a few scoops of vanilla ice cream? What about swapping in maple syrup for the brown sugar in baked beans? Maple syrup can be used for so much more than just on pancakes, waffles, or French toast! Forget Vermont's maple syrup! Minnesota's own Wild Country Maple Syrup is the perfect way to change up your go-to recipes and ingredients! Michael and Carrie Baker were loyal supporters of Wild Country Maple Syrup for years before it became their livelihood. During each trip to the North Shore, they would make a point to stop at Wild Country before returning to their Twin Cities home. But it was a trip to the Wild Country in 2015 that changed their lives forever. While having coffee together one foggy, October morning, they began imaging