February 2021

From New Zealand With Love During their honeymoon in New Zealand, Brady and Hannah Barnstable fell in love with muesli. The newlyweds were camping and hiking across New Zealand to celebrate their marriage and ended up discovering something that would change their lives forever. They ate muesli every morning because it offered their active bodies quick and easy nourishment. The cold breakfast cereal is a combination of oats, grains, dried fruits and nuts that are soaked in milk (or other liquid) overnight. Pronounced 'mew-slee', the breakfast blend was first created in Switzerland in the early 20th century and quickly spread across Europe and to the European colonies. A Craving-Fix That Couldn't Be Purchased After returning to New York after their honeymoon, they were unsuccessful in finding the same muesli they began their mornings with in New Zealand. Nothing they found in stores was quite

Small Town, but No Small Feats Established in 2005 in a Viroqua, a rural Wisconsin small town about 80 miles northeast of Madison, Wonderstate has become one of the first coffee roasteries in the world to be 100% solar-powered. That feat alone could name Wonderstate Coffee as an accomplished company and roastery -- but it doesn't stop there. Led by founders Denise & TJ Semanchin and Caleb Nicholes, Wonderstate Coffee is regarded with an industry-leading minimum price guarantee to farmers, more than 80% above the Fair Trade conventional minimum price and over 50% higher than Fair Trade organics prices. Even more so, Wonderstate donates 5% of its annual profits to community-based initiatives that support a more equitable and resilient future -- both in the coffee industry and beyond. Social Change Starts With Us Wonderstate Coffee goes beyond the call to donate money, run an eco-conscious