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There was a "big check" roaming around the co-op today, did you see it? If not, we will fill you in on what was happening! Valley Natural Foods was proud to present a $1458. 90 "big check" from its Cooperative Community Fund (CCF) to 360 Communities of Burnsville.  Jeff Mortensen, the Senior Director of Innovation/Interim CEO/President  and Tony Compton, the Marketing and Communications Manager, were on hand to receive it and of course, the actual check too! 360 Communities is a wonderful non-profit organization that serves our local community through five food shelf locations along with providing domestic violence outreach and prevention support and many other educational opportunities for Dakota County families.   Last fall, Valley Natural Foods member owners selected 360 Communities as the recipient of of this fund through the annual online ballot. Valley Natural Foods is one of over

Throughout the month of April, Valley Natural Foods encourages the community to unite for one of its  own -- Wellness Manager, Naomi Lundberg. As a benefit for Naomi, who is currently battling breast cancer, customers can purchase $5.00 donation bags of wellness products (each bag is valued at $40-$50) that will be given to our local  food shelf, 360 Communities.  100% of the proceeds raised from the purchase of the bags will benefit Naomi in her fight against breast cancer. Also, every time you purchase a wellness bag, you can register to win one of three gift baskets full of wellness products valued at $70-$100 each. A cashier will hand you a drawing slip at the point of purchase. This fundraiser would not be possible without the overwhelming support from our wellness vendors who donated 100% of the  product used to make the

 One cashier at Valley Natural Foods, Mandy Mulder, is planning a 48-state, 90-day road trip across America this May, and no, it isn’t a vacation. Mandy Mulder isn’t going to be staying in luxurious hotels and laying out on sandy tropical beaches as others her age might. Instead, Mandy will be going across the country as a homeless person,  staying in shelters on a journey she is calling “Mission America”. With only a car and a few changes of clothes, she will be doing an act of service in each location she visits. The goal of her trip is to inspire people to not just feel bad about homeless people but to feel bad enough to do something. She wants people to be moved enough to go down to the shelter in their community and serve.  Because she is videotaping her entire journey and has the

 Everybody knows that recycling paper, aluminum, plastic and cardboard helps lessen  waste, creating a cleaner, healthier society.However, did you know that it is also important to recycle your cell phones?  Cell phones contain hazardous substances, similar to any other electronic device, and can damage our environment. In fact, there is more gold in a ton of cell phones than in 20 tons of ore from a gold mine!Also, everyday Americans retire 365,000 cell phones.  Therefore, if you get a new phone this holiday season, be sure to recycle your old one at Valley Natural Foods! Yes, at Valley Natural Foods you can not only drop of your phone for recycling but save the rainforest too.  No, we are not joking on this one!Our store now  has a  Minnesota Zoo cell phone recycling drop off box located by the entrance of the store. All working phones collected are refurbished for resale