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Who doesn't want the opportunity to win a $50 or $25 co-op  gift card?  If you know a lot about  co-ops, food and the environment, you have a good chance!  Throughout June 2012, test your knowledge at a series of Co-op Pub Trivia events  hosted at 8 different local watering holes across the metro.  The trivia events are held in honor of the 2012 International Year of the Cooperatives. Prizes will be given out at each event. Be sure to attend Valley Natural Foods' Co-op Pub Trivia event on June 21st at Morgan's on Nicollet starting at 8pm.  Morgan's is located at 14201 Nicollet Ave S., Burnsville.  Go  early to grab some grub (they have a great dinner menu) to gear up for an evening of testing your wits! 1st place wins a $50  co-op gift card, 2nd place a $25