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  [caption id="attachment_21233" align="alignright" width="369"] Photo by Susie Hessburg[/caption] Why are these guys having so much fun with some vintage bottles and heirloom tomatoes? Because they excavated the bottles and the tomato seeds from an 1890s homestead privy in Faribault, MN.  Imagine how thrilled they were to discover that the seeds were viable and produced prolific plants with tasty tomatoes, in spite of "crappy" beginnings. Before you pooh-pooh this unlikely discovery, click here to read this fascinating, Growing "Crappy" Tomatoes story, authored by Tracy Donovan from our produce department. This past Spring the Valley Natural Foods Garden Center was able to distribute a few young descendants of these Faribault Privy Tomatoes to customers who were interested in growing an ‘unknown’ heirloom tomato variety. The customers agreed that they would check back in with us at the end of the season to give us their reports. Here, finally, is our forum for reporting in!  Please feel welcome to

Veggie and herb plants from Green Earth Growers have been selling briskly here at the co-op! If you have not had a chance to shop for your garden veggie plants yet, there's still some interesting varieties available at highly competitive prices! Fatali Pepper - If you missed out on the legendary ghost pepper plant (wow, we quickly ran out of those) then give the Fatali a try. Though not quite as hot as the ghost, they still bite hard with a rich citrus taste! Grown and very popular in Africa, the Fatali is fantastic for making amazing hot sauce. The fruits resemble ghost peppers but ripen to a bright yellow instead of orange and are just a bit smaller. Heirloom Green Grape Cherry Tomato - Don't be afraid of the name of these prolific heirloom tomatoes! They're ripe when they have chartruse-yellow