Bravo-cado, Produce Team!

If you’ve noticed the stellar produce displays when you first enter Valley Natural Foods, you’re not alone!

In fact, the displays created by our produce team, led by VNF’s new produce manager, Blaine Reylek, have recently been promoted from ‘stellar’ to ‘award-winning’!

We are pleased to announce that Valley Natural Foods’ produce department has won first place for Largest Display in the 2021 Equal Exchange Avocado Display Contest!  

This was Blaine’s first attempt at making a display of this scale but was excited at the opportunity to show off Equal Exchange and draw shoppers in to take advantage of the tremendous avocado sale (5/$5). In conjunction with VNF’s marketing team, “We Will Guac You” signage impacted the overall draw towards the display.

Contest rules stipulated that an entry was only valid if only Equal Exchange avocados were used. The competition was local and there were a handful of worthy competitors, to say the least. According to Blaine, VNF’s display won because “[the] panel of judges loved how bold and customer-friendly [the] display was!”

VNF’s first place avocado display!

And the prize for a first-place avocado display?

An avocado suit!


Congratulations to Blaine and the entire produce team!

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