June 8 is World Oceans Day

Valley Natural Foods Co-op’s Commitment to Sustainable Seafood

Freshness and flavor may be the most important factors for the food you eat – and we understand that by offering many varieties of fish and shellfish in our frozen and raw fish cases. From snow crab to shrimp, from Canadian walleye to Alaskan sockeye salmon, we’ve got what you need for a tasty seafood feast.

Valley Natural Foods also knows that maintaining the health of our world’s fish population is vital to ensure that there will be seafood for generations to come. That is why we only buy seafood that meets standards set by organizations such as

Seafood Watch, Seafood Pact, Aquaculture Stewardship Council, and Ocean’s Trust. We check the standards upon bringing in new varieties, and constantly re-check our current offerings to make sure they still rate “good” or better.

We prefer all of our seafood options to be wild-caught. Sustainable wild fishing helps prevent pollution and the use of antibiotics. Certain farm-raised fish and shellfish are raised sustainably and ecologically, and we offer those choices, as well.

So, whether you’re just looking for fresh fish for dinner or want to make better seafood choices with the future in mind, our knowledgeable Meat & Seafood staff can help you make your selection.

Our desire to go the extra mile in quality, cleanliness, and freshness comes from strict adherence to guidelines in product purchasing, with independent oversight confirming this standard. Our customers can rely on products purchased from Valley Natural Foods to meet the exceptional quality standard expected from professionals in the industry.


Valley Natural Foods Co-op partners with :

American Fish and Seafood (Hopkins, MN)

Fortune Fish (Minneapolis, MN)

Misty Fjord Wild Caught Salmon (Winthrop, WA)

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