December 2011

The hectic holiday season is almost over so it's time to refuel and replenish with Emergen-C. This vitamin powder mix, available in our wellness department,  is the ultimate immune-boosting formula during the cold and flu season.  Each packet contains 1000 mg in Vitamin C - 20 times more than the average size orange (45 mg). Its 7 B vitamins and electrolytes provide a natural energy boost without caffeine's  crash and burn effect. If you get bored of drinking Emergen-C, it's time to get jiggling by making gluten-free Emergen-C Gelatin! This simple, fun recipe, created by Valley Natural Foods' wellness manager, Naomi Lundberg,  is a sure-fire way to get your children to want their daily dose of vitamin C. Emergen-C is available in many awesome flavors including Super Orange, Raspberry, Cranberry-Pomegranate, Acai Berry, Tropical, Lemon-Lime and Tangerine.

Nature and local producers collaborate to bring us fresh succulent green and red gifts this month. Even after we have been gifted with a moisturizing blanket of pure white snow, local producers still deliver FRESH & LOCAL, including lush deep green upland cress, crisp bright green and white bok choy, crinkly red bib lettuce and juicy rich red vine-on tomatoes.Look closer at the bunches of upland cress (the hydroponic version of native watercress and also called winter cress) in the produce department and you’ll notice long white roots have grown in water rather than soil. Hydroponics is the official name and it’s a splendid way for us to be gifted with fresh local produce through our winter. Michele Keller, owner of LaBore Farms of Faribault, Minnesota, has been growing chemical-free hydroponic greens since 2004. Her co-op and restaurant customers are