April 2014

And the time to plant is quickly arriving.  In our area, potato planting happens mid-April, as soon as the soil warms and 1-2 weeks before the last frost date.  The ideal potato-planting soil is loose, well-drained and slightly acidic.  At least six hours of sunlight are needed. The day before you plant, cut the larger potatoes into pieces with one “eye” (dormant bud) per piece.  Let the pieces dry overnight.  Small potatoes (1-1.5” diameter) can be planted whole. Dig a shallow trench (6-8 inches) and mix compost into the bottom of it.  Replace some of the soil, in order to set the potato pieces 3-6 inches deep, with the eye facing up. Plant each piece 12 inches from each other, and if you’re planting more than one row, keep 30-36 inches between the rows.  Cover the potatoes with the soil you took