How About This For Starters?

Have you ever wanted to brew your own Kombucha or Kefir? Or have you wanted to experiment with making your own sourdough? Well now you can!

We now carry the following Cultures for Health Starter Kits for making at home:


Kefir has a tart, yogurt-like flavor and contains beneficial yeast and probiotics. Since this is a powdered culture it is easier to maintain than a grain-based kefir starter kit and it comes with two packets. Once prepared, the culture can be used 2-7 times when a small amount is reserved from the previous batch.


Their Kombucha Kit is a great way to learn how to start your own kombucha at home. Their kit includes one kombucha starter culture with specific, but easy to follow instructions. You can even transfer the culture from one batch to the next. Since you have to add tea to the culture you can choose any flavor you want.

San Francisco Sourdough and Gluten-Free Sourdough

If you’ve ever wanted to experiment with sourdough, it’s never been easier. We carry their San Francisco and Gluten-Free Sourdough starters. Sourdough has a complex and tangy flavor and is great for sandwiches, dipping in oils or even for pizza crust!

With the Make At Home Starter Kits they provide you with step by step instructions or you can check out their website for how-to videos and tips at: 

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